India is emerging out to be global leader in information technology, Pharmaceutical technology and Biotechnology. Quality of medicines manufactured in India is proven to be of world class standard and many Indian Pharmaceutical companies have taken a lead to capture world pharmaceutical Market. To capture world pharmaceutical market we need world class competent pharmacist in the area of Manufacturing, Research and Development, Quality Assurance and Marketing. We are very much happy that Basaveshwara College of Pharmacy is committed to provide efficient infrastructure, laboratories, equipment and to develop the students as competent pharmacist and highly qualified dedicated professionals in the future. We are continuously working to improvise the concept of Pharma education in today’s global era with an aim to serve humanity better.

Together we work to ensure that our students gain knowledge and acquire skills in our safe and caring environment.

Most of us who have been involved in the field of education for the last three decades and have witnessed the drastically changing socio economic background – have felt the deep impact of this changing scenario on Professional Colleges.

Having gone Global on economic, political and allied fronts as a nation and thrown open our doors to the winds of change, one could foresee what legacy we were to create for the future inheritors of our country.

Mrs.Subarna Ganguly

Principal, Basaveshwara College of Pharmacy