It is said that books have the power to influence one’s mind in a way nothing else can, and the administrators at Krupanidhi have capitalized on that thought. All the departments have their own dedicated libraries complete with internet facilities and laboratorieswherever needed. The libraries have a large and extensive collection of books, and national and international journals that are updated each academic year.

The library also has a digital section where one can find a huge database of reputed online journals and international periodicals, as well as a full–text collections of faculty and document publications. The library also has internet access along with helinet and wi-fi facilities. All the libraries provide the users with a reprography facility as well.


The pharmacy block has well equipped labs with high-tech facilities. All labs contain equipment that is well maintained with dedicated, well-trained staff who is experts in handling lab equipment. Our labs are known to have advanced pharmacy equipment in India; some shipped from abroad and are a first of its kind in. Here is the list of labs:

  1. Pharmaceutical Microbiology 1
  2. Microbiology & Biotechnology 1
  3. Pharmaceutics Lab 1
  4. Pharmaceutics Lab 2
  5. Pharmaceutics Lab 3
  6. Pharmaceutics Lab 4
  7. Machine Room 1
  8. Pharmaceutical Chemistry Lab 1
  9. Pharmaceutical Chemistry Lab 2
  10. Pharmaceutical Chemistry Lab 3
  11. Pharmaceutical Chemistry Lab 4
  12. Pharmacology Lab 1
  13. Pharmacology Lab 2
  14. Pharmacognosy Lab 1
  15. Pharmacognosy Lab 1
  16. Quality Assurance Lab 1
  17. Pharmacy Practice Lab 2
  18. Instrumental Lab 1

Student Testimonials

  • The success of our group of institutions is mirrored in the testimonials that our former and current students have to say about us.
  • “The discipline that is followed in Basaveshwara College of Pharmacy is something that not many ‘colleges’ today have, and that has been a big reason for my success at the institute.”
  • “I hadn’t seen or even heard of the concept of a ‘finishing school’ in India until I heard of Basaveshwara College of Pharmacy, and I must say that the holistic education has really helped my personality.”
  • “The entire faculty at Basaveshwara College of Pharmacy are excellent teachers and help out each and every student, and not just the ones who are bright and pick up things fast. It’s encouraging to see the faculty support the students so much.”


Basaveshwara College of Pharmacy also provides transportation for all its students and has a whole fleet of buses and vans for pickup and drop facility. The various departments have their own fleet of buses and vans for the convenience and safety of their students. This includes many pickup and drop locations in the main areas of Bidar. The scheduled and timely arrival and departures of the buses and vans ensure timely pickup and drop off to and from the college campus. The residential campuses with an enviable ambience are situated in the outskirts of Bidar.

Computer Facilities

Configuration of Systems –  Intel Core i5

Total number of systems connected by LAN – ALL
Total number of systems connected to WAN – ALL
Internet bandwidth – 10 Mbps
Major software packages available – M. S. Office 2016
Special purpose facilities available : HELINET consortium


The colleges have separate hostel facilities for boys & girls, with each of them having different capacities according to the strength of the students in each department. The institutions offer clean, comfortable and safe hostels for all the students in the campus. The rooms, which are on four to a room basis, twin sharing and single occupancy basis are spacious, well–furnished with beds, study tables, cupboards, and even solar water heaters, and all rooms have attached bathrooms. House–keeping facilities are available for the benefit of the students. Hostel wardens have been assigned to each hostel for the security and comfort of the students. Wi-fi is available in the hostel. Additionally, the college is making an effort to augment their hostel capacities periodically to accommodate more students. The facilities provided and the atmosphere at the hostels ensure that the students have the calm and peace of mind, which is essential for them to grow academically.