Students Grievance Redressal Cell

A mechanism to the students for redressal of their grievances with regard to their complaints on academic and non-academic matters.

Providing Safer Learning Environment

Safe learning environments translate into comfortable learning environments. They are places where learners feel at home.


One of the major benefits of safe learning environments is that students will begin to take pride in their work and in themselves

Our Goal!

Is to establish a culture of inclusion and respect that welcomes all students. Reward students when they show thoughtfulness and respect for peers, mentors, and the college.

The institution provides mechanism to the students for redressal of their grievances with regard to their complaints on academic and non-academic matters.

The students are the main stakeholders in any institution imparting education, and its our endeavour to make all efforts to ensure transparency in all the activities at different stages. Taking this spirit into consideration the Basaveshwara College Of Pharmacy has decided to provide mechanism to students for redressal of their grievances related to assessment, victimization, attendance, charging of fees, conducting of examinations, harassment by colleague students or teachers etc.



  • To introduce a fair, impartial and consistent mechanism for redressal of various issue faced by the students/parents.
  • To develop a responsive and accountable attitude among all students, there by maintaining a harmonious atmosphere in the BCP campus
  • To advise students to respect the right and dignity of one another, and not to behave in a vindictive manner towards any of them for any reason
  • To ensure the grievances are resolved promptly, neutrally and in complete confidentially.
  • To uphold the dignity of the BCP by promoting cordial student-teacher relationship.

Student Grievance Redressal Committee:

There is a Student Grievance Redressal Committee at the Institute level to deal with the grievances of the students. The details of this committee are furnished below:

Sr. No

Name of Member



1 Subarna Ganguli Professor & Principal                    +91-9230331849
2 Mr.Tukaram Tadmalle Professor                    +91-9880080886
3 Mr.Mohammed Farooq Ahmed Asst. Professor                    +91-7829748098
4 Md.Salahuddin Asst. Professor                    +91-9141818744
5 Mr.Sridhar Manolar Lecturer                    +91-9902677015
6 Miss.Patil Komal Lecturer                    +91-9036193164
7 Mr.Iftequar Quadri Administrator                    +91-9986248166


Safe Classroom Environment

Creating a classroom that is organized and that is characterized by mutual respect makes it a lot easier to teach effectively, and one of the most important things teachers can do to promote learning is to create classroom environments where students feel safe


Join the Revolution

Digitization in educational sector is also beneficial for students to harvest a better future