Gender Sensitization Committe

Basaveshwara College of Pharmacy Believes Instilling positive thoughts on gender issues which will enable and enhance the future population from practicing gender discrimination.

Providing Safer Learning Environment

Safe learning environments translate into comfortable learning environments. They are places where learners feel at home.


One of the major benefits of safe learning environments is that students will begin to take pride in their work and in themselves

Our Goal!

Is to establish a culture of inclusion and respect that welcomes all students. Reward students when they show thoughtfulness and respect for peers, mentors, and the college.

Gender Sensitization is a basic requirement to understand the sensitive needs of a particular gender. It helps us to examine our personal attitudes and beliefs and question the ‘realities’ that we thought we know. The need for this sensitivity has been felt and realised through times immemorial and in almost all kinds of human existence, across the globe. Recent discourses focus upon the need to sensitize gender issues on campus as many believe that education is the catalyst for change. Educational spaces instil thought and make one have a perception that they believe.

Gender Sensitization Cell has been established to spread the message of Gender Equality in order to eliminate gender bias and gender insensitivity through Seminars, Poster Display, organizing exhibitions, etc.

The Cell has also been mainly entrusted with taking up cases of harassment and atrocities on female teachers, employees and girl students, esquire and take appropriate action against the culprits.


The following faculty members are nominated as the committee for Internal Complaint Committee (ICC) and a Special Cell : 


Sr. No

Name of Member


GenderSensitization Committee


1 Subarna Ganguli Professor & Principal Chairman                    +91-9230331849
2 Dr.Divya Patil Physician Secretary                    +91-9448126993
3 Mr.Tukaram Tadmalle Professor Member                    +91-9880080886
4 Mr.Mohammed Farooq Ahmed Asst. Professor Member                    +91-7829748098
5 Md.Salahuddin Asst. Professor Member                    +91-9141818744
6 Miss.Patil Komal Lecturer Member                    +91-9036193164
7 Mr.Iftequar Quadri Administrator Member                    +91-9986248166


Safe Classroom Environment

Creating a classroom that is organized and that is characterized by mutual respect makes it a lot easier to teach effectively, and one of the most important things teachers can do to promote learning is to create classroom environments where students feel safe


Join the Revolution

Digitization in educational sector is also beneficial for students to harvest a better future